September 08, 2008


A blog about technology, were to start? Since it is such a huge topic I thought I would narrow it down to one of my favorite pieces of technology - the DVD. The invention of the DVD had a profound effect on my life. Growing up we didn't have a TV, but with the invention of the DVD and the fact that it could be played on a computer meant we could stat massing a collection, I could now catch up on movies I hadn't seen in the cinema and most importantly watch and re-watch my favorites.

The technology of the DVD changed the way movies are made and opened up a whole new world for movie lovers. The quality of the DVD was so good that no only could it give a cinema-like experience in your own home but with the amount of space available the "Special Features." These have totally changed many viewing experiences and added so much to the world of movies. Some of the best examples of these are deleted scenes especially when integrated into the movie like the Lord of the Rings extended edition (best movies ever made), informative "makings of" and director and cast commentaries with offer an often humorous and always enlightening incite into the movie making process. (The cast commentary on The Two Towers DVD is possibly the funniest thing you will ever hear).

Due to my feelings about DVDs I was very sad to hear that they are in the process of being replaced by a new model the Blue-Ray, which may be better but could never hold such a place in my heart.


Biblio Chick said...

Hi Lizzie, I like your blog, so don't stop. I've finished so am having a look at everyone else's blogspot to see what is to be seen and learned. You are the only one so far brave enough to post a picture of yourself. You remind me of my children who are completely unfazed about using the Web in its entirety and without the qualms some of us older bodies have. That is the joy of being young, to have fun and learn at the same time. Nice to meet you and hope to see you posting some more for us older bookish types to enjoy!

Mrs Doolittle said...

Bring back the video! It used to be so easy to record and play videos with no thought of possible scratches. Am I getting too old?