September 08, 2008

First Blog

I've Been looking forward to creating this blog as part of the Web 2.0 program, I had hoped to stat at the end of July but catching pneumonia on a trip to Sydney has stopped me going to work for the past weeks. Feeling much better now and hoping to catch up for lost time on all the exiting Web 2.0 activities in my holidays.

I enjoyed creating my blog, it was extremely simple and easy and it is fun to play around with my Profile.Creating my own alias was fun, it's a combination of two of my favorite fictional characters. I chose Blogger because it seemed to be the most straightforward and it was. I was surprised to find how simple it was, it was great because it goes through Gmail which already has all my information so sighing up was quick and easy. Haven't started playing around with the settings yet but looking forward to personalizing my blog more.

1 comment:

NSL Learning 2.0 team said...

You made a good start with this programme. Looking forward to the posts on your experiences.