September 26, 2008


I really enjoyed this exercise as it was interesting and again something I knew nothing about. Like with Rss and many of the other things we are learning about they are so wide ranging and filled with so much information that it is hard to get your head around it. That is why I find Tags such a great tool as they help to organize this immense about of information.

I'm very excited by the possibilities for libraries in this new technology. I've always been very frustrated by the restriction of cataloging and I love being able to create my own tags.

I took the next step (yeah me) and created my own account on delicious, it's a great ideas and since my computer is always breaking down and losing all my bookmarks I will love having them stored forever in cyberspace. It was great fun creating my own tags and unlike my bookmark toolbar on this site the more the better and I will enjoy adding as many as I can to My new account.

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