September 29, 2008

Fun with Pics

This activity was a lot of fun and quite simple to use. I chose to explore ImageChef as it looked like the best and most easily navigated site out there, which also had a great bunch of templates. I couldn't resist the flower text, (it's just so pretty), love the effect of how the flowers grow, great to add movement to my blog. The link is www.

I liked this image so much that I chose to add it to my blog as the front of my posts. I tried to add it as my banner but couldn't get it to work. I played around with a few other images (I could spend hours on this site) and also looked around some of the other blogs out of interest to see how everyone else had done it. I found some very cool and creative images. I Would love to come back to this site to add more things as I am trying to personalise my blog more.

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