December 07, 2009

Twittering Libraries

It was really fun to explore how libraries are using Twitter, it is a very effective means of communication and I was surprised and glad to see that many of them had large numbers of followers.

My favorite of the accounts I looked at was the one by Rodney Libraries - I thought it was nicely laid out with informative and interesting information. If someone was to follow this account they would know all the news and be well aware of all the Libraries services and events. It was great to see; reviews, reminders about giving the correct email and photos from local events.

Compared to this I found the one for the National Library of NZ, confusing and unhelpful. While their graphics were lovely and the site well presented the tweets seemed to be a private conversation between the contributor and followers - something about cows. Very informal communication style and not very informative.

1 comment:

rodneylibraries said...

Hi! Thanks for the feedback. We try to keep it relevant for people who are following us. (It's probably easier for us because we've met many of our Twitter followers *heehee*)