December 07, 2009

More Twittering

Searching Twitter was quite and experience, I had no idea that all those search engines existed, it's definitely much bigger and more well organised than I first thought.

I thought that Twoogle was the best, it was clever and fun to use. Amazing how everything is so interconnected and efficient.

For my search I used the Twitter search engine and Twazzup - I chose Diana Gabaldon as my topic, I've just been reading her latest book 'An Echo in the Bone" and I was curious what kind of information would come up. In the generic Twitter search I mostly just got links to people tweets saying that they were reading her books or saying how much they liked them (nice to see she is so popular). There were also one account called superbooks that use their tweets to recommend good books - which I thought was a cool idea.

In the Twazzup search, I got exactly the same links to the real time tweets, but there was also links to; news items about Diana, where to buy her books and a very helpful tag cloud - for further browsing. This search engine is much better than the ordinary twitter one as it gave the same info but added on it. I would definatilly come back to this search engine in the future.

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