December 04, 2009


I have always thought that Twitter was inane and pointless and the closer examination of it for this exercise only increased my feelings.

First I looked at Meg Cabot's page and while I do think it is generous of her spend time connecting with her fans, do I really need to know that she just locked her cat in the cupboard? I thought that her page layout was great, with all her books as background and things like a link to her website advertising book giveaways was a nice touch. I also really liked the fact that she used; full sentences, punctuation and correct spelling - much more professional and easier to read.

This contrasts with one of the other sites I looked at - Cookbook via Twitter. I could not use these recipes as I understood about one word in three and the directions are too lacking in detail. There are so many wonderful and helpful cooking websites out there and I don't see the point in the need to write a recipe in only 140 characters. Although it is nice that someone is taking the time to post these for any ones benefit and while they are not for me I can see that some people might find them very, quick and helpful.

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