October 02, 2008


I love YouTube. I've been a using YouTube for quite a while now and I am on it every day either looking up specific things like movie trailers or news items to just getting lost in its vastness. I love how you can find something you like and then follow the suggestions/related videos. One of my favorite aspects is that people made fan videos of movies and shows which are fun to watch and even better to preview something to see if you think you might like to buy it. I discovered one of my favorite movies The Magic of Ordinary Days through looking at a fan video and knowing I had to buy that movie.

The library videos were quite fun I really liked Conan the Librarian and the Zombie one (we really are that good). I think YouTube can be a great educational tool, an interactive learning tool as it uses both words and images. This can be very useful in teaching anything and I think this is how libraries could utilise this tool. It can be used for marketing but I did find some of the library videos very silly.

I chose this video because I just love it so much, it's in my favorites and I keep coming back to it. The time and effect that would have gone into making it is fantastic and I love watching the history of art unfold like that.

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