October 06, 2008

More Social Networking

the power of Web 2.0 for social networking is immense and I think that if done properly libraries can use this tool to reach out to more people. This has to be done the right way as we don't want to be invading peoples space or adding things to the library just because they are the new thing. I agree with the article on social networking software that the use of profiles on places such as Myspace and Facebook can be great tools for encouraging library. However these need to be more than simple profiles to really encourage interaction. For example, her idea that these profiles should encourage two way communication with the patrons, especially suggestions and questions is a great idea and for us something like an expansion of the already existing AnyQuestions could be a very useful tool.

If these new technologies can bring new people into the library, they need to be utilised but it is very important to use them the right way to have a major effect.

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