November 30, 2009

Online Privacy and Security

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I found the resources provided here were some really good, simple and easy to use guidelines and suggestions for being safe on the Internet. Although I did think that some of the advise, especially from the McAfee brochure went a little over the top. People need to also be aware that some forms of Internet security totally restrict all Internet use, for example some safe searching programs block any sort of online shopping which can be vary frustrating.

I think that many of these resources would be of use to our patrons as I have found that when it comes to things like Your Info patrons are not that careful with their privacy. I often find OPACs still logged on after a patron has left and I think people are unaware of the amount of personal information that is displayed on these pages.

The best advise is simply a better awareness of these issues (which these resources can definitely help with) and greater care taken with passwords. The password generator was fun to use and while more complex passwords are harder to remember, programs such as keepass seem as great solution to this.